Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Uneasy Peace

It's not as bad as we thought it could be... merging of two families of cats. But it hasn't been easy peasy either. As expected, Joey couldn't care less about having a new cat in the house. For her part, Roxy is enamored of the handsome Joe. To prove her love for him, she often chases him around the house. He does not appreciate this and often lets her know of his displeasure. Gracie has attempted to go about her business despite the little interloper who has moved in with her (without her permission.) She does not like the fact that Roxy sleeps on the bed and climbs her cat condo. She does, however, enjoy the expensive food that is placed in front of Roxy every night that she doesn't eat. So Gracie has seconds. My hope is to someday come home and find Roxy and Gracie curled up together somewhere. Until that magical day, I just hope they don't hurt each other taking big roundhouse swings at each other from time to time. It's good to dream.

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