Thursday, July 3, 2008

Morning Hot Flash July 3, 2008

  • Everyone's talking about the scandalous secrets revealed at the contentious divorce trial of Supermodel Christie Brinkley and the rat formerly known as her husband, Peter Cook. Personally, I think the most shocking thing he said on the stand was that he actually PAID for Internet porn. For Heaven's sake, even I know that the Internet is a virtual cornucopia of porn. But what I really want to point out is that Christie is 54 years-old...smokin' hot. That poor teenybopper was unfortunately rockin' an outfit similar to Christie's classic style, and she couldn't pull it off. I can hardly wait to see what Christie's wearing for her court appearance today. [Ed. note: ETOnline reports Christie Brinkley looked classy in a blue sweater and black pencil skirt when she arrived in court this morning.] You go girl!

  • Social statement or the perfect thing to wear when you're having a bad hair and make-up day? I'll let you decide...while I find out if I can order online.

  • One of my favorite shows on PBS is "History Detectives." If you haven't seen it, give yourself a treat and set your DVR to catch it. The new season has just kicked off. And now, this...I cannot tell I lie, it's so totally cool.

  • How do they do her mammogram without giggling uncontrollably?

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