Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Daily Hot Flash

  • Cinderella wears Leopard skin slippers? Well, just maybe. With so much negative energy in the air these days, I thought it'd be nice to focus on the positive for as long as possible today. So here's some chicks who should be much more inspirational to us than any ersatz beauty queen cum politician.

  • Poor Sarah Palin. She went from everyone's darling to everyone's embarrassment...overnight. And yesterday I heard her making fun of Joe Biden's age. A woman over 40 should know better...I hope he isn't nice to her just because she's a girl.

  • Did you get the email forward from one of your friends? Here's a little bit of background...

  • House Republicans don't like it when a girl points fingers and calls them names...but they showed her by tanking the entire country's economy. So there! I'm surprised they didn't steal her Silly Putty during recess and shove it into the radiator so she couldn't play with it anymore.

  • I had no idea that when I moved to the suburbs, I was a trendsetter.

  • I've just spent the past two months taking online health 'coaching' and playing interactive games in order to get health insurance from my employer. I can't imagine working for a company that actually recognizes that I'm a person...let alone a woman.

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