Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Royal Wedding Swine Flu

I'm counting the days until the Royal Wedding. It's been over twenty years since I visited Westminster Abbey. Sarah Ferguson got married and Princess Diana's funeral was held there since my last visit. I feel strongly that a return to London is at the top of my personal bucket list, so it's probably not a shock to anyone that I can hardly wait for the Pomp & Circumstance of William & Kate's wedding. Most recently, I've been caught up in the drama surrounding the possibility that it was Sarah Burton (good name!) who had been chosen to sew the royal wedding gown. I secretly hope that it's someone else. I don't want to know before the wedding day. I want to be surprised. Over the weekend I became enthralled by the details of the royal 'hen party.' In the States we call it a 'bachelorette party' and we head off to Vegas to spend a drunken weekend going to shows like the -- Thunder Down Under which features male strippers -- despite pleas for no male strippers during the weekend getaway. They always turn up. Think Kate's sister Pippa (even better name!) is getting her a stripper? I hope so. I hope he gives Camilla a lap dance. But I digress. The real focus of this rant...er...post is that I want to use a vacation day to stay home and watch the royal wedding and all the surrounding events. From the glass carriage rides through London town to the royal wave from the balcony -- I gotta see it. It's important. Originally, I wanted to be in London for the wedding, but my bank account said no. If I lived in London, I'd have the day off. It's a national holiday. But I feel that I'm being discriminated against because I live across 'The Pond'. My heart is in London...so doesn't that count? I watch 'Masterpiece Thea-AH-ter every Sunday. I'm an honorary citizen, I'm sure. But those to whom I've presented my plan have called me crazy and poo-poo'ed my idea. I can see his (why be coy? It was the HMA.) point. But still I am not completely deterred. I'm certain that near the end of April I will develop a debilitating case of swine flu. I can feel it coming on already...who else is in? I'm buying snacks.

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