Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Morning Hot Flash August 12, 2008

  • I started this blog to celebrate women over 40, but this morning, I've got a few bones to pick with some ladies. I'd rather hear about these women than listen to what they have to say. Alanis Morrisette, who is currently in her mid-thirties, wants to talk to us about aging. I must say, I love Alanis when she's singing angry songs, but I do feel that her telling me about aging is like me giving Michael Phelps a few tips that might improve his swimming. Celebrity stylist and another under 40 chick Rachel Zoe -- her clients include the most talented and troubled members of young Hollywood -- says that sometimes she forgets to eat. Thanks! For those of us who aren't on drugs -- that is not an option. And then there's the lovely and tragic Lynne Spears. She's the mother of the talented child actors Britney Spears and new mom and eleventh grader Jamie Lynn Spears. Lovely Lynne wants you to buy her book to understand how hard her life has been. I'm without words.

  • I don't know what disturbs me more about this article. That a man thinks that women want to read about how he left his wife to date "hip-hop intellectual twentysomethings" or that Elle magazine paid him and published the article. Or, is it that I'm so old that I'm not supposed to be reading Elle magazine anymore, so I shouldn't know how people view women who are over 40 and single...Or...well I'll stop there because I think I could go on and on for a while. And I'll just get more angry and more angry...and I really am trying to be happy and upbeat this morning. Happy and upbeat...it'll catch on eventually.

  • Just to make sure that I leave you laughing, I leave you with this little gem from The Onion. No one does it better.

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