Friday, August 15, 2008

I Know What You Did Last Night

During a regular work week by Friday morning I'm feeling enough sleep deprivation that I need an extra shot of coffee to keep it rolling along. This week, there isn't enough coffee in all of Columbia to keep me going. I need a serious nap, but I can't stop watching the Olympics. And from what I can tell from the status updates of my friends on Facebook -- they can't either. Here's just a sample of the updates I've seen this week:

has cleared her calendar for the next two weeks to watch the Olympics.

has three words for you. Men's, Synchronized, Diving.

is watching the Olympics and thinking about sex.

doesn't want to go to bed for fear he'll miss something fun.

is wondering what he will do with his free time when the Olympics are over.

has just been handed a copy of "Breaking Dawn" and is wondering how much this will cut into her Olympic viewing.

is still watching the Olympics.

is staying up way past her bedtime watching the Olympics.

is exhausted from staying up too late watching the Olympics.

is loving the swimming & gymnastics...but hating that I'm getting very little sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZ!

is done being on Beijing time and will now use her Tivo for its God-given purpose.

is certain that Michael Phelps can't be as tired from winning Olympic medals as she is from staying up late watching him.

is totally psyched for the Giant Slalom and the Luge.

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