Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Morning Hot Flash August 5, 2008

  • "Mad Men" is my summer passion. Don't ask me because every character is my favorite character, but I think Sunday night's show hit the nail on the head when it was revealed that office bombshell Joan Holloway's darkest secret is that's she's over 30 and still single. It warms my heart to know that forty years later, it's being single over 40 that's a girl's darkest secret. Two new blogs to enjoy if you also find your summer month's filled with a "Mad Men" obsession, What would Don Draper do? and What would Joan Holloway do?

  • If Joan Holloway was single over 30 in 2008, do you think she'd be hanging with the NASCAR crowd? Yeah. Me neither.

  • I started this blog to cheer for women over 40 finding their mission and pursuing their dreams, but I hope you understand if I give this chick some props. A 32 year-old perfectly plump mother of five little boys won the Nashville Star competition last night. It was her father's dream come true. She's on her way to China to sing during the Olympic games. I hope you get to hear her sweet sweet voice.

  • In Michigan we call it a chocolate soda, while the east coast was calling it an"egg cream." I don't care what you call it, just call me if you know where I can get one. There's nothing better.

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Keith said...

Christina Hendricks has been on my List of Five since I saw her on Firefly. She is way yummy.