Thursday, October 30, 2008


office cat
by pocarisweater

Tama the calico cat won nationwide popularity in Japan with the publication of a book of photos featuring her and the intensive media coverage after she was appointed in 2007 as
stationmaster of the unmanned station on Wakayama Electric Railway’s Kishigawa Line, which runs between cities of Wakayama and Kinokawa.

As a result, the number of passengers using the Kishigawa Line increased dramatically bringing $10 million into the local economy.

Tama, the $10 million cat, spends her days posing for photos wearing a jaunty little stationmaster cap at an angle on her head. Do not try this at home! I assure you that your cat will resist this procedure. You will end up at the very least maimed -- if not, as in the case of my own darling cat -- completely dead.

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