Friday, September 12, 2008

Daily Hot Flash

  • Diane English's remake of the classic film "The Women" opens this weekend. The original movie, watched on a rainy day with a Diet Coke and chocolate at hand is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I must admit...the new movie's got a kickass website...the theme song's totally infectious...I'm a little bit curious about the remake...but I'm still not sure if I want to go. May the spirit of Norma Shearer and Joan Fontaine, who's still rockin' it in Carmel, California (Go girl!), forgive me if I do.
  • The Republican Vice-Presidential nominee's first in-depth interview was too Palinful for me to watch last night. (Forgive me, I rolled out of the 'punny-side' of the bed this morning.) Fortunately, ABC NEWS plans to air bits and pieces of the interview for the next five days. Not that they're looking to boost their ratings or anything by spreading around all the exclusive face time they're getting with the newest American "It Girl." Palin's next appearance on the boob tube just happens to coincide with my Friday night happy hour. So once I've taken the edge off with a glass of chardonnay...I might be able to watch tonight. Or not...While I have your attention I'd like to mention that while McCain-Palin are giving a lot of lip service to how they're going to be a different Republican administration from the Bush administration, she's got a sense of executive entitlement just like George. And this story just makes me sick to my stomach.
  • Saturday Night Live is adding another hot man to its new season cast this weekend. Olympic swim sensation Michael Phelps is hosting...
  • A Cinderella wins an Oscar and still can't get top billing...What's up with that?

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themom said...

Palin is learning more and more deception from McCains team now. When she grows a brain of her own - I will listen....maybe. How these people can support the lies and distortions is beyond me. We live in a country where "if it is in the newspaper - it must be true" goofballs dwell. Makes me scared.