Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pride & Prejudice With A Twist Of Lime

In the folder of unfinished scripts that clutters up the hard drive space on my laptop is an idea for a time-traveling Jane Austen who lands a gig as a Hollywood screenwriter and orders her lattes with foamed goat milk at a coffee house she erroneously refers to as Starbuckles. Yes. I know, but it turns out it wasn't that bad of an idea. British television is currently airing the four-part series "Lost in Austen" in the United Kingdom. The time-travel costume drama revolves around a modern woman who switches places with Elizabeth Bennett, the heroine and eventual bride of Mr. Darcy (played ubiquitously by the heartbreakingly beautiful Colin Firth in the 1995 BBC adaptation) from the novel, "Pride and Prejudice." The new modern twist on Austen is garnering mixed responses from UK fans of Jane, but the clips of the film contained in this review make me very curious. I feel certain that "Lost in Austen" will be shown soon on PBS in the United States, and Jane's US fans will be able to form our own opinions.

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