Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Morning Hot Flash September 3, 2008

Mama Mia!

I don't know if this is really cool...or just a dude who's too scared to have a little competition in the room.

I feel certain that my invitation has been lost in the mail. George wouldn't have a party without me, would he?

Seriously! Sarah Palin is making me tired of my own name, but the controversy surrounding the addition of the Alaskan National Guard Commander in Chief to the Republican presidential ticket continues.

Do we want a guy in the White House who makes impulsive decisions? When I was kid my dad used to get pissed off when he got lost in the car. He'd refuse to stop and ask for direction and would just keep driving the wrong way for miles and miles. It was one of my Dad's only annoying character traits and is the fodder for great stories that my mom and I laugh about now, but is it good for the entire country to be in a car that's being driving by a man blinded by his own anger? The Washington Post has a great article about McCain's last minute decision and Palin's hasty vetting. Meanwhile, the prediction market is making odds that Palin'll gracefully withdraw soon.

I give it until noon today before
"The Eagleton Scenario" is snapped up by Tom Cruise in a development deal in Hollywood. If only for the great title!

Barack Obama took on the opposition party straight on. John McCain was scheduled to give an exclusive interview to Larry King this week, but his campaign told the news network they thought Campbell Brown's recent interview with spokesman Tucker Bounds was "over the line." I was a big fan of Campbell when she was a rising star at NBC News. She seems to have grown and matured at CNN, and her fiesty interview with Bounds proves it. You go, sister ! And by the way, when Bounds says that both of the candidates on the Republican ticket have 'military experience,' I laugh -- loud, long and heartily. Peep it here...

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Mindy said...

Sarah, please don't get too sick of writing about your name twin, I like hearing what you have to say.

I happen to think that everyone is missing the reason that her appointment makes me mad. It's that she's unqualified. McCain knows that, and he doesn't intend to let her lead or do anything (unless he dies) This was just a way to appease the right-wing conservatives and to get us women to either vote for him or shut up. Don't give in to that!