Monday, September 1, 2008

Morning Hot Flash September 1, 2008

Pretty as a picture, Halle Berry's five month-old daughter Nahla gets her first Paparazzi photo op. With her parents' gene pool, this certainly won't be the last. The camera is going to love this little bumble bee.

Yesterday I got a late-in-the-day text from my BFFF regarding the latest news about Alaskan National Guard Commander-in-chief Sarah Palin. My first response was 'have you been drinking?' and then I added, 'or having you been watching ABC Family channel again?" After some research I realized that what she was saying may or may not be true...but it certainly had the internet buzzing. You can read a couple of versions of it here and there.

Poor Sarah Palin. New York Times' columnists Gail Collins and Maureen Dowd are having the time of their lives making fun of her in some of the wittiest and snarkiest writing I've ever read. Oh, and it turns out the first dude's mother doesn't like her all that well either.

Here's why the liberals have been working overtime writing snark about Sarah. She DOES have an
appeal for a very coveted group of voters...and it makes us freak out enough to say things that we'll regret, Michael Moore.

I knew there was something that was
making me feel fat...I just couldn't put my finger on it.
your Peter Pans. Yes, I know you ordered a Prince Charming, but the Peter Pan seems to be all that's left on the menu.

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