Monday, October 20, 2008

Daily Hot Flash

  • Yesterday we went and saw a local community theatre production of "South Pacific." We had $12 orchestra seat -- eat your heart out Broadway -- because it was fantastic! The lead was our local Starbucks Barista -- and she hit it out of the park. And so did the Spanish guy they cast in the role of the old French dude. We had to warn everyone who was seated near us that we would be singing along throughout the show. (Kidding! We waited until we got in the car to screech out our painful duet of 'Some Enchanted Evening.') And then we went home and watched the Red Sox game. It was not as much fun. My panties were in a bunch from the fourth inning on. And in the end ,The World Series will have to wait...

  • Just in case you were counting the days until your retirement. Stop it!

  • The Handsomest Man Alive and I try to alternate seeing testosterone-driven action films with an occasional chick flick. It adds a little variety to life. Here's a chick flick masquerading as an action film. You can get your man to go with you to see it...AND you won't have to cash in your chick flick voucher. How cool is that? In fact, he'll never even know that it is a chick flick...but with eye candy like Daniel Craig in the lead role, what else could it be?

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Keith said...

I still think Palin was trying desperately to play along on SNL but was inwardly seething as they made fun of her. I could just hear the thought running through her head of "when I'm VP, SNL will be outlawed..."