Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lit Link-Up

When I was in third grade I won the citywide award from the Dearborn Public Library for the most books read over the summer. I went to film school, but I love books. I consider libraries to be my homes away from home. Bookstores are my soul. If truth be told, I would rather go to Barnes & Noble than See’s Candies. My wildest daydream involves owning a used bookstore on a cobblestone street in Edinburgh…and then Gerard Butler walks in…whoops, wrong kinda dream.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover the Internet is a great place to link up to author’s websites. Most of them are prepared by the writer’s publisher – with little regard to anything other than selling books. Fortunately, I have discovered a few gems.

Stephenie Meyer is the author of "Twilight." The first in the incredibly popular four-book series about a teen girl who falls in love with a vampire. Simple…yes. Done before…yes. But Stephanie is a fantastic storyteller and her prose is completely engaging.

Go make a cup of tea and get yourself some sort of chocolate-flavored baked good. Go on! Okay, then go visit her website. The story of how this suburban mother of three became a publishing phenom will inspire you. She got rejected!!! And she’s honest about it. And angry about it. Stephenie Meyer gets why you’ve Googled her, and her website lets your imagination be just as richly detailed as hers.

Oh, and yes – It IS going to be a movie. You can hit the trailer here.

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