Monday, August 25, 2008

Morning Hot Flash August 25, 2008

  • Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do with my free time now that the Olympics are over? I honestly don't have any idea what I used to do with myself in the evenings before the digitally enhanced opening ceremonies in Beijing. Oh,'s a little something that will take up some time this week...and I have a feeling that some of the speeches will provide me with more than ample opportunities for nap time.

  • Misty May-Treanor! You just won the gold medal in beach volleyball at the Olympics, what are you going to do now? Zoinks!

  • There are three chick flicks coming out this fall? Three!!! I demand a recount.

  • Just another reminder to never matter what...judge a book by its cover.

  • I used to work as an administrative assistant to a yoga instructor. She would freak me out by screaming, 'Namaste!' at people she was fighting with over the phone. My current yoga instructor is the most intense person I've ever encountered. If I had to describe her, I would use the word 'brittle.' But I love the little old building where the classes are held with the high ceilings, skylights and polished wooden floors. The people in the class are friendly including an elderly couple in the back of the room who sweetly assist each other as they attempt to twist their bodies into the yoga positions. Now and then the teacher barks at them to be QUIET!!!! So I'm not completely conviced that the yoga is the thing to take the edge off of menopause...

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