Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Here's the situation....I'm on the second week of a diet and all I can think about is candy corn. The country seems completely divided as we hurtle toward an election day that is less than a month away. We'll have to decide between an untested-but hard-to-ignore young challenger and someone's Pepaw. Sarah Palin's patriotic political games make me angry. We're stuck in the mire of a complete economic collapse on a global scale. And my own personal odometer is about to click over to register another 10,000 miles of road wear?

What I really need is a break. What we all really need is a little trip back in the time machine. Back to a place where things were simpler and...funnier. And we knew they were funny because Johnny Carson laughed at them. With all kudos to Flip Wilson..."What you see is what you get..."

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