Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Daily Hot Flash

  • Nicolette Sheridan is 44 years old. I'm on the fence whether I should compliment her and think of her as a role model or to succumb to the green-eyed monster of envy....Okay, I hate her.

  • Can you believe this chick? She's the president of the NOW/LA chapter and she's endorsing the McCain-Palin ticket. She says that Palin is the new face of feminism. Is she kidding me with this baloney? Obviously, all the botox she's had is keeping the synapses in her brain from functioning properly. Only in LA -- where style is so much more important than substance -- could this happen. Grrrrrrrr! BTW-- The Troopergate report is due on Friday.

  • One Stanford professor believes we're at the dawning of a new age. I hope it's the 'Age of Aquarius' because I know all the lyrics to that.

  • L.A. Dodger Manny Ramirez now appearing on the Lido Deck. Two shows nightly....and try the veal!

  • I've recently had some health issues and almost at gunpoint entered a doctor's office where I was forced to truthfully discuss my age, height and weight while shivering naked beneath a paper sheet. It is a humbling, if not, completely humiliating experience...but my doctor was really nice and I'm glad I found out what was wrong. I encourage all women, especially those over 40, to visit a health care professional and tell them the truth about your aches and pains. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month -- it's time to take those bad boys into be photographed!

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Pam Phillips said...

Sarah, If I didn't love you before I worship you now.

I had a similar discussion in my own head the other day. Here in the flesh is my dream since I was little. A woman in the White House.

I think the other Gov. Palin is an example of be careful of what you wish for.

Sam Parschu