Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Daily Hot Flash

  • Who won last night's debate? Two out of three experts say it was 'that one.' The third expert must've been watching 'Dancing With The Stars.'
  • Celebrate Cinderellas! Good times! Esquire Magazine gives women over 40 their props by declaring on their cover that the sexiest woman alive is 42 years-old. "I share this title with every woman, because every woman is a nominee for it at any moment," she says.
  • A new documentary examines why so many women go to art school, but more men succeed as artists....hmmm, makes a girl think, doesn't it?
  • I'm fascinated by these kind of projects...definitely a book I want to add to my cue at the library.
  • I love birds. And it's sometimes hard to love birds when you live with a cat. I'm currently feeding a little hummingbird named Frank who hangs out around the pool at my building. He's one cool cat. Why is his name Frank, you might ask? It's the way he wears his hat.

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