Friday, October 10, 2008

Daily Hot Flash

  • It's a crazy, mixed-up world today...The world markets are crashing...Obama has so much more money than his rival that he's gone out and bought his own television network. John McCain and Sarah Palin have discovered that the angry people who are attending their rallies don't give a fig about a terrorist who hasn't terrorized anyone for 40 years, and are actually freaked out and pissed off about no longer having a retirement fund. Meanwhile, the lovely and smarter-than-she-looks, Sarah Palin, circumvents the whole Troopergate debacle by issuing a report of her own clearing herself. That is such a smart strategy that I might apply it to my outstanding student loans.
  • Like a fine wine...women do get better with age. Or at least happier...
  • Read this and then I dare you to walk down the street without strutting. Dare you!

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