Thursday, October 9, 2008

Daily Hot Flash

  • Newsweek's cover girl this week is Sarah Palin. The story inside the magazine is less than flattering, and the Republicans believe the photo on the cover is not so flattering either. They're ticked off that Newsweek didn't Photoshop her 'wrinkles, pores and unwanted facial hair.' I guess I can see both sides of this story. If you're writing a story that's unflattering about a national politician, does a pretty photograph match the tone of the story? Not really. On the other hand, Sarah Palin is a beauty queen who is not afraid to use her sexuality to get what she wants. To be frank, the girl's a hottie and really can't take a bad picture. I know from what I'm talking about on this, as I have an entire file cabinet of bad pix of myself. And in the matter of unwanted facial hair...first of all, if I was Sarah Palin I'd like to thank the boys in the RNC for pointing it out. But honestly, the girl obviously doesn't really have a problem there. If I leave my unwanted facial hair unattended for more than a few hours, I grow a Fu Manchu moustache that could make Hulk Hogan seriously jealous. Now THAT'S an unflattering story...

  • Meanwhile, John McCain has changed the new plan he slyly announced during the debate Tuesday night to buy bad mortgages so that it will be more generous to mortgage lenders and more costly to taxpayers. Shocker!

  • I feel so sympathetic for this woman. I have cried when I've accidentally purchased Dulce de Leche instead of Toasted Coconut and ended up with mousy brown hair. I don't want to leave the bathroom, let alone the house. It is very frustrating. I always just go to the store and buy new and start over. Which leads me to wonder...why do they name hair care products for desserts?

  • Anybody else looking forward to seeing Daniel Craig's 007 again soon?

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ginabad said...

I'm no fan of Palin or the RNC but AGAIN I am stumped by the remark that it's unflattering. It's been a LONG time since I heard a male candidate complain about an unflattering photo. Just my take, but isn't some of the equality for women issue about looking PAST the facade?

gina b