Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mama Mia!

  • While everyone's been focused on Michael Phelps' abs...yes, I am 'everyone'...the big winners at the 2008 Beijing Olympics are Moms. Mom to a two-year-old and sporting one of the hottest bods of the games, Dara Torres rocks the pool in the Water Cube despite being old enough to be the mom to most of her competitors. And she not only looks good...she kicks their ass! She's bringing home two silver medals to add to her trophy case. Meanwhile, over at the castle of gymnastics, where thirteen year-old girls are wearing eye make-up to look sixteen, a mom competing for Germany took the bronze medal when she stuck the landing. Turns out she flips for her kid. And just so you know...Michael isn't the only Phelps cutting endorsement deals in Beijing this week. Debbie Phelps' wardrobe for her week of bench-sitting in the Water Cube was brought to you by Chico's fashions. And when she gets back to the U.S., she's got another deal waiting.

  • I blame Meg Ryan for making me believe in happy endings, and NOW she tells me that they don't come true. Thanks a lot! I'll just have to comfort myself by watching 'When Harry Met Sally'...for the eleventy-hundredth-million time.

  • Oh my Lord! That's my church...130 members of the Agape International Choir are rehearsing for a final time before heading to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, where they will perform TENTATIVELY on Monday.

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